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About Wrap It!

Wrap it! is a personal arts and crafts project by Kristina Riauke, a Lithuanian woman, a wife and a mother of two, who has been living in Ireland for the past 15 years.

She started Wrap It! back in 2010, which at the time, provided professional gift wrapping services for both private and corporate customers.

Later on, the studio was focusing on making unique craft items using various crafting techniques such as Decoupage, Felting and Decopatch. She also produced hand crafted soap & candles for all occasions. In the past two years, Kristina has switched to spending all her time to make various personalised crafts, tailored to customer needs, such as Keepsake Chests, Christenings Candles with baby’s photo and name or Photo Albums with a personalised cover. And of course the wonderful baby blanket, made of your child’s of old clothes and toys.

Today, the most popular craft items are Personalised Name Banners for little boys and girls with absolutely ANY characters the kids (or their mummies) desire.

So far, Kristina has produced nearly 100 Personalised Name Banners for boys and girls from Ireland, UK, Japan, Dubai, Spain and Lithuania, with superheroes, manga heroes, fairy tale characters, racing cars or simply cute little animals – your imagination is the limit! And with the prices starting at just €5 per letter and €7 per character, these absolutely wonderful name banners have never been more affordable.

Kristina’s thriving work studio is located in Portlaoise, Co Laois, where all the amazing crafts are being made by hand, with love.

She also organises various crafts classes and workshops for all ages.

Kristina is also an active member of the Portlaoise ICA Guild.

For all the enquiries, please contact Kristina at: info@wrapit.ie or visit Wrap It! facebook page: www.facebook.com/wrapit.ie