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Professional Gift Wrapping Services

Wrap It! started it's business from Gift Wrapping. And after 8 years it is still in the heart of what Wrap it! do, The most popular orders vary from wrapping chocolate boxes for a business conference to producing a gift voucher bags & boxes for upmarket beauty salons.

''I'm absolutely blown away by the wrapping, everything is perfect! Thank you so much,
– Robert, ordered gift wrapping of Xmas Presents.

​​​​​ Pillow Wrapping 

Swiss Knife Box Wrapping

Christmas / Easter / Corporate Hampers

Book Wrapping

Gift Box Wrapping

Producing of Gift Voucher Box and Bag  


We will take care of all the aspects of gift wrapping: the product, paper, ribbons and will deliver anywhere in Ireland.

For all the enquiries, please contact Kristina at: or visit Wrap It! facebook page: