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Personalised Custom Designed T-shirts for Group Trips & Events

Are you looking to create a sense of unity and pride within your team, group, or organisation? Look no further than our custom-made personalised t-shirts! We will work with you to create the perfect design that captures the spirit and essence of your team, group or special event.

Whether you're looking for matching t-shirts for a ski trip, mountain hike, charity walk, hen/stag party or branded merchandise for your company event, our personalised t-shirts are the perfect solution. With a wide range of colours, and sizes, we can create a unique and customised t-shirt that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We only use Premium Fruit-of-the-Loom t-shirts that are soft, comfortable, and durable to ensure your design looks great and lasts for years. 

Personalised Group t-shirts for every occasion

Hiking Club 'Tipu Tapu'


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Ski Trip to Austria and 45th Celebration

Hiking Trip to Switzerland

Ski and Snowboard Trip to Austria

Group Discounts

For personalised, custom-made group t-shirts, we offer a progressive yet simple discount system: we will provide a discount that matches the number of ordered t-shirts. I.e., if you order 18 t-shirts, we will offer 18% off our standard t-shirt prices on (min order of five t-shirts and a limited 25% discount). That comes with a FREE custom-made t-shirt design. Please request a unique discount code before making your order to avail of the discount.

Discount Example

Let's say you are ordering: 10 Men and 8 Female T-shirts. Men's t-shirts are currently sold at €15, while Women's t-shirts cost €14. €15x10 + €14x8 = €150+€112 = €262. When an 18% discount is applied, the total price is €222. Our customised t-shirt design is completely free!

For all enquiries, please contact Kristina at: or visit Wrapit Facebook page: